Annual Stewardship

UPDATE November 21, 2023

Did you know that Stewardship donations make up the majority of our income (80%)? 
Our Stewardship ministry uses the pledges that are collected in the fall to determine the church’s operating budget for the following year to support staffing, programs, and our building. 
This year’s annual stewardship drive, “Because of YOU, our church changes lives”, will be led by Mary Jane and Hugh Tyler, Jennifer Elliott, and Anne Kimball.

And an anonymous donor has matched, dollar for dollar, every new and increased pledge up to $25,000!

  • For those that would like to pledge electronically, you can find the form here!
  • The Annual Stewardship Campaign Team has printed pledge cards for those who would like to fill it out by hand.
Common terms:
  • Pledge – this is a monetary amount an individual or family PLANS to give the church 
  • Donation – this is a monetary gift towards your pledge that an individual or family GIVES to the church


Giving to Community Church of Durham:

Friends and members can make donations the following ways:

1. Send a check to:
PO Box 310
Durham, NH 03824

2. Online through Breeze with a credit card or ACH

3. Collection plate in Sunday’s worship
4. Drop off your donation when our office is open

With any monetary donation it is important to let us know the intended purpose of your donation. The memo line on a check is the perfect place to make this note, for instance you can write “Annual Stewardship” or “Capital Campaign”, this helps with tracking of finances!