COVID-19: What’s New?

The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it…flow with it…join the dance. — Alan Watts

Peace Garden

Pray in the Peace Garden
Since our building is still closed to activity and prayer, we’re inviting our friends and members to find a quiet space in the Peace Garden: a sacred and holy place just east of the sanctuary.  You can sit on a bench there, reflect on poems and prayers collected for you, or even write a prayer of your own and tie it to a branch.  
The COVID-19 emergency has changed the way we do church–but not the substance of our faith.  The Community Church is a beloved community from all walks of life, including young and old, gay and straight, progressive and evangelical.  Together, we walk in the ways of compoassion and justice, seeking God’s blessing for the gorgeous planet and her many beings.  What binds us to one another is the gospel of liberation, the grace of God that shines in every single life, and in every single culture and place.  Jesus surely embodies that gospel: but we see it shining in so many of the world’s spiritual, religious and ethical traditions.
This year, with so many others, we’ve canceled church services, events and in-person meetings–as we make the best choices we can for public health and safety.  Instead, we’re doing a good bit of online gathering (sound familiar?)–with small groups, mission teams, advocacy group finding new ways to connect.  Together, we’re discovering ways of holding our Sunday morning services online too…using Zoom links and Facebook Live.

We’re taking things month to month, season to season.  We hope that we will–soon enough–be together again: gathering for worship and song in our brightly lit meetinghouse, enjoying the chatter or friends and children, and breaking bread in communion with neighbors and seekers.  Until then, God will see us through the strange new world of Zoom, Facetime and all the rest.  The church continues to serve the poor, to speak out for the common good, and to march in the streets for those seeking meaningful racial justice and systemic change.
In these days, as ever, we need communities of resilient hope and deep compassion.  We’re creating that here in Durham, and we welcome you to help us.  There’s good work to be done!  Wherever you are on life’s journey, your spirit is cherished and your questions are honored at the Community Church.
If you’ve got a pastoral concern, or simply need to talk, please be in touch with Pastor Dave Grishaw-Jones at or his phone at 831-706-6819.  The building may be closed a good bit of the time–but our care for one another continues to stretch out to you, to your famiies and to all our neighbors.  Let’s be the church the world needs in 2020!
With our e-newsletters, which come out twice a week.  One covers church events and news; the other focuses on our wide-ranging work for justice, mercy and peace.  Click here to sign up!
Kristin Forselius and our team have planned a wonderful serious of summer events (outdoors and safe) for children and teens.  Email Kristin (here) to get your family involved in this supportive ciricle of spirit, friendship and care.
Dave Grishaw-Jones leads an online version of morning prayer, from his home, six mornings a week at 8 am.  You can ‘friend’ Dave on Facebook, and then find his morning prayer there on Facebook Live.  If you wish, you can read the text of his prayers on his blog.  There’s one for each day, listed on the upper right side of the page.
Dave hosts several small grouip conversations around spiritual practice, faith in a season of uncertainty, and our hunger for communion and justice.
Email Dave (here) for the links, and join us when you can.
Online services begin each Sunday at 10 am (9 am in July and August).  Click here to find the Zoom Link.  If you’re having any trouble, give us a call at 603-868-1230.  We’ll do our best to help you figure it out!

The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it…flow with it…join the dance. — Alan Watts

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