Fundraising: Immigrant Support & Legal Needs
Dear Friends,
As most of you know, members and friends of The Community Church of Durham have been accompanying “Antony”* on his quest to obtain asylum in the US to provide a safe haven for him and his family since he was released from detention last year. He escaped from his home country in Africa over three years ago after being beaten, jailed, and threatened with death for being part of a peaceful opposition group seeking governmental reforms. Antony followed all international protocols and applied for asylum upon entry into the US but was immediately detained and forced to work on his asylum case himself without adequate legal assistance and while being moved from one detention center to another. He was released last year thanks to a lawsuit by the ACLU due to the dangers of prison life during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has continued to work on his asylum case since while being housed, cared for, and supported by caring people not only in the Seacoast region but throughout the state of New Hampshire.
Immigration law required that Antony appeal his case in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals based in Louisiana after losing his original case there. Sadly, his appeal through the Fifth Circuit was also denied. The denial was issued by a judge who has rejected 99.5% of the asylum cases to come before her bench. Antony and his lawyers are building a case to reopen his asylum request with the knowledge that under President Biden the authorities now have the discretion to support such a request. They are taking time to build a strong case knowing that Antony is no longer an ICE deportation target under Biden. We have the time and a policy opening, now we need resources to take advantage of them and win asylum for Antony!
We put out a plea for funds in August and have been so grateful for the response. Thanks to the generosity of our congregation and people from across the state who don’t even necessarily know Antony but believe in immigrant justice, we have achieved our goal by our projected date of October. Between monetary donations and the sales of a booklet of photos, drawings, and poetry, we have raised almost $11,000! We all know how impactful this money will be for Antony and his family. His lawyers continue to build his case for the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

If you have had the pleasure of meeting Antony, or hearing one of his Zoom interviews, or reading one of his poems, we imagine that your world view has been expanded and you have been touched by his faith and hope despite all that he has been through. If you have not yet had the opportunity, please join us as we work together to deepen our care and commitment to one another by engaging in this transforming work. You can donate by clicking here: or you can still buy the booklet of photos, drawings and poetry by clicking on the button below this letter.
In the face of daunting odds and much negative press around the issue of immigration, it’s important to hold on to the belief that every action we take, both individually and collectively, does make a difference. Thank you and thanks be to God!
With gratitude, The Immigrant Housing and Accompaniment Team of CCD
*Antony’s name has been changed for his safety
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Thank you, and God bless your generous spirit!
We are offering a booklet (28 pages) with a sample of renowned photographer Becky Field’s photographs and Antony’s poetry and drawings for a donation of $25 (plus $5 shipping per order). All funds go into an account specifically for Antony at the Community Church of Durham, NH. Order your booklet below or contact Community Church of Durham at (603) 868-1230 to purchase in person.
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