Links to Online Worship
FALL 2022
We are committed to a lively and courageous ministry in seasons of gladness, and in seasons of despair.  We’re also committed to public health, thoughtful scientific review and reflection, and a God who works in us and through us in all these ways.
Two Sunday Services
We’re worshipping in person again, and we’re taking recommended precautions as we do! Our church is easy to find–in the middle of Durham on Main Street–with parking available on both the upper and lower levels. We worship each Sunday morning at 10 am and then again at 12 noon in a community that welcomes all God’s people–from all walks of life–in a circle of faith and courage!
If you’re more comfortable–for any reason–worshipping online and from home, please know that we’re determined to welcome you into the circle of Sunday worship.  You’ll find the link below!  And you’ll find another link if you wish to follow along with the online bulletin.
There a few ways to connect with us on Sunday mornings.  The button above will link you to our Zoom room — which gets you into the Sanctuary Service Sundays at 10 am.  The column to the left will link you to our Facebook page — which connects you to the same service via Facebook Live.
When the time is right, and you wish to join us in person, know that we’ll be delighted to welcome you back.  But we want you to do this in the way that feels safest and right for you.
Give us a call (603-868-1230) if you have any trouble finding us online on Sunday mornings!  We want to make it easy for you to connect with a community of energy, hope and love.