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Directions to Durham

This Fall at CCD
This Fall, we welcome you, your friends, your questions, your families–to join us in building a Beloved Community on the Seacoast.  Whether you come from a committed church background or whether you’re simply curious, you’re energy is especially welcome in a community that seeks to serve faithfully and boldly in a strange and complicated world! 
Join us on a Sunday for one of our services (10 am and 12 noon, beginning 9/11/22)…or be in touch with Pastor Dave Grishaw-Jones or Director of Youth Ministries Kristin Forselius.  There’s lots going on here–and we’re delighted to share it all with you!
There are so many ways to connect, and so many avenues to spiritual growth and service here!  We cherish the arts and we delight in one another’s company.  We welcome thinkers and dreamers from all walks of life–who share with us their unique visions and hopes.  Know that you–wherever you are on life’s journey–are always welcome here!
Wondering what you might expect?  Here’s one of our services–from February 20–to give you a flavor of how we worship, what moves us and where we’re going as a people of faith!
Blessings and Peace!
If you’ve found the site today, I imagine that you’re curious about spiritual community–and what it offers us, here and now, in today’s world of wonder and uncertainty.
Look around.  Explore our values, our vision, our programs.  And know that your curiosity itself is a God-gift: a gift to be treasured, pursued and enjoyed.  I hope you’ll check out a service, a program, a class we’re offering.  The best way to know what we believe is to see how we do what we do!
Church isn’t just a building: it’s a movement.  As the Community Church of Durham, we’re creating a movement of many generations, many voices and many gifted souls.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s a circle of wonder; and it’s a movement for the blessing of all life.
If you’ve got any questions, I’m always eager to talk!  Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome among us at the Community Church.
Dave Grishaw-Jones, Pastor