Action Alerts
Keep watch.  Stay alert.  Bear witness.  Speak out.
Justice for Palestine-Israel:
Our United Church of Christ is an active partner in efforts to bring peace with justice to the peoples of Palestine and Israel.  You can find out more, join the movement, and access all kinds of films and resources here.
Expand Reproductive Rights:
Use this form to contact your State Senator today–and urge them to support NH legislation to protect and expand reproductive rights in our state.   They’re under attack!  It’s time to act.
Wear Orange:
Over 50 artists from around the country, including 17 survivors of gun violence, answered the call for art addressing aspeccts of gun violence.  The film “Wear Orange” is a reflection on their work and imagination.  After the 25-minute film, we’ll have a discussion with filmmaker Doris Weiner Madsen and activits Tia Christiansen.  
Boycott These Products:
With news of Ben & Jerry’s decision to pull their business out of the occupied West Bank, our attention turns to other boycotts and other products.  Boycotts make a difference!  See the recommendations of our friends at Jewish Voice for Peace here!
UCC Justice & Peace Network:
Our United Church of Christ has a lively and engaged “Justice & Peace Network” offering a wide range of opportunities for advocacy and online action.  Check out that regularly updated list of activities below–and sign up there for weekly updates from the UCC!
End Gender-Based Violence:
First passed in 1994, VAWA was enacted to ensure protection against domestic and sexual fiolence, and abuse.  Call on the Senate to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
Protect Voting Rights:
Democracy works best when we ensure that every American has an equal opportunity to make their voice heard and be fairly represented.  Contact your Senators and urge them to defend our democracy by supporting the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
Equity and Education in NH:

The NH Council of Churches is calling us us to be active disruptors of white supremacy, active participants in the work of anti-racism, and ready to come alongside our teachers, school boards, and local governments.

To that end, we are asking individuals and congregations across NH to take a faithful pledge for equity and education.