Services, Sermons & Teaching
Below you’ll find a variety of videos–worship services, meditations, videos recorded during the past year.  We’ve been growing and adapting all the while, learning to use new technologies.  You’ll find the quality of these videos varies!  But the Spirit remains…GOD IS GOOD…ALL THE TIME!
Sermons, Dialogue and Teaching
Full-Length Worship Videos
2/26/23: Homily–Dave GJ
“Abiding in Christ”
2/12/23: Homily–Dave GJ
2/5/23: Homily–Dave GJ
“Just Love”
1/29/23: Homily–Dave GJ
“Apocalypse, How?”
“Through the Storm, Through the Night”
“The Foolishness of Epiphany”
“Sacred Awe”
A Sermon on Immigration and Love
“The Quality of Mercy”
“His Mother’s Apricots”
11/20/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Lonely Like God”
11/13/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Lazarus at the Table”
“Blush, Christian, Blush” (At the Legacy Museum)
10/2/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Becoming a Prayer”
5/29/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Three Hundred Million”
5/15/22: Homily–Dr. Joel Berman
“Compassionate Listening”
5/1/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Not Forgetfulness, But Imagination”
4/17/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“To Garden Together”
3/13/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Why Sarah Laughs”
2/20/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“To Be Touched”
2/13/22: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Baptism is the Gospel of Us”
“I Lost Everything”
12/24/21: Homily–Dave GJ,
“Christmas on the Corner”
12/19/21: Poem–Dave GJ,
“We Three” (for the Christmas Church)
Worship: April 12, 2020:
“Easter: The Feast of the Resurrection”
Featuring the good news of Christ’s resurrection and a celebration of resilience, hope and faithful courage in the midst of uncertainty (and a dancing communion!)…

Worship: October 25, 2020:
“Love in Action”
Celebrating the love-in-action spirit of the Community Church and the gospel humility guiding us forward.