A Sanctuary Church: Solidarity & Service
Immigrant Housing & Accompaniment
“Dear America, is this what you really want?        Do you even know what is happening
in your name?”
                               – Jose Antonio Vargas
We believe in solidarity and compassion, in all the ways Jesus invites courage and kindness in practical ministries and efforts.  As a congregation, we’re partnering with the Seacoast Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition and the UCC’s own Immigrant and Refugee Support Group to support immigrants detained (and harrassed) by ICE in New Hampshire and beyond.  Their journey to freedom and safety is OUR journey to freedom and safety.  That’s what discipleship means to us.
Growing the Ministry, Expanding Our Team
We’re growing this ministry, expanding its impact, and making significant commitments to immigrants and their families here in New Hampshire!  It’s very much a congregational effort–and we’re always eager to welcome new friends into the circle!  If you’re interested in learning more about ways to participate, use the button here and let us know!
Joining the Movement
On Sunday, January 30, 2022, our congregation voted–overwhelmingly and determinedly–to be a Sanctuary Church, offering our energies, resources and space to networks that offer hospitality and hope to immigrants in our midst.  This is another step on a long journey–one which began years ago with our decision to join the Seacoast Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition (SISC).  In the statement we passed, we celebrate the long history of hospitality and sanctuary in churches and synagogues and commit to discerning the many ways we can be supportive and available.  The journey continues.  See that statement here!
Conversations: Immigration & Accompaniment
In the Spring of 2020, friends from the Community Church began the life-changing journey of accompaniment: we began caring for a Cameroonian man who has been held as a prisoner in the US since arriving on our shores two years prior to our first meeting him.  We have helped house him, provide medical assistance for him and advocate for him.  His hope is simply to live a life free of violence and persecution.
Our journey into accompaniment has been stressful, scary and confusing, but it has left us changed and forever grateful for our relationship with him.  What follows here are some of our reflections on this experience, unpacked through a series of “raw and ragged” conversations.  Through this series of conversations, we’re seeking to, in some small way, share what we’ve learned about being the Church, about our faith, and about our country.
Here’ is Part One:              with Jon Bromley in conversation with            Dave Grishaw-Jones

Be the Change: Taking Action
We wonder: “What can we do?  What can one person do?”  First, you can take action!  See our action alerts and use the energy and time you have to do something.  Write a letter.  Sign on to a campaign.  Make your voice heard.  Second, join us.  We are stronger and wiser in community, as we collaborate and strategize in action together.  Be in touch with us at the church and let us know you’re ready to join the team.  Whatever your religious background, whatever your theological bent, we’ll put you to work!