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The Spirit’s Alive!
Directions to Durham

A Mass for Peace:
The Armed Man
Saturday, March 9 & Sunday, March 10
7 pm both nights 
The Choir of the Community Church presents “The Armed Man / A Mass for Peace” by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins.  This compelling call for peace premiered in 2000 with the optimistic hope of ‘farewelling’ the war-obsessed 20th century.  Jenkins takes as his point of departure the 15th century French folk song “L’homme Arme” (The Armed Man)–used in masses by many Renaissance composers, mixing it with traditional Catholic mass settings, a Muslim call to prayer, a text from the Mahabharata, and musical settings of poetry by Kipling, Dryden, Malory, and Japanese poet Sankichi (reflecting on Hiroshima).
Our offering–directed by David Ervin and assisted with multimedia by Andy Dolph–is a musical prayer for a future worthy of our many children, a wrold shaped by compassion and hope.
Know that you–wherever you are on life’s journey–are always welcome here!  (And now you can find our service–live or later–on YouTube Live!)
We are energetically committed to a ministry of presence with asylum-seekers in New Hampshire. The auction was a success! All the artwork sold and we raised over $4,500 thanks to the generous support of so many artists and bidders!
These 63 works by 39 local artists are stunning in breadth and inspired by their shared commitment to a vibrant, diverse and just New Hampshire–that welcomes refugees and offers hope for their futures among us. To see a video where you can learn more about our immigration ministry or to contribute to our fundraising efforts, go to:
Thank you for your participation in the auction. It is a wonderful way to add your energy to our work.
Saturday, February 24, 2024 / Day-Long Event
In Person or Hybrid

This annual event, creatively organized by the New Hampshire Conference UCC, is dedicated to equipping our congregations with invaluable tools and resources to empower your local faith communities.  The action’s in Pembroke…but you can participate online too.  You’ll meet new friends from churches across the state, learn about initiatives driving enthusiasm and purpose across the UCC, and so much more!  Use the link to find out even more, and register!!  We’ve got a great contingent going from Durham!
Blessings and Peace!
If you’ve found the site today, I imagine that you’re curious about spiritual community–and what it offers us, here and now, in today’s world of wonder and uncertainty.
Look around.  Explore our values, our vision, our programs.  And know that your curiosity itself is a God-gift: a gift to be treasured, pursued and enjoyed.  I hope you’ll check out a service, a program, a class we’re offering.  The best way to know what we believe is to see how we do what we do!
Church isn’t just a building: it’s a movement.  As the Community Church of Durham, we’re creating a movement of many generations, many voices and many gifted souls.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s a circle of wonder; and it’s a movement for the blessing of all life.
If you’ve got any questions, I’m always eager to talk!  Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome among us at the Community Church.
Dave Grishaw-Jones, Pastor