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This Month at CCD
In partnership with New Roots AME Church and Food Solutions New England, we’re participating in the 21 Day Food Justice & Racial Equity Challenge–a shared journey of learning, charting a course of action to dismantle racism in our food system.
When you register, indicate your affiliation with the Community Church, so we can link you with shared activities and conversations.
Opening Discussion:
Wednesday, March 31, 7 pm,
On Zoom 
Blessings and Peace!
If you’ve found the site today, I imagine that you’re curious about spiritual community–and what it offers us, here and now, in today’s world of wonder and uncertainty.
Look around.  Explore our values, our vision, our programs.  And know that your curiosity itself is a God-gift: a gift to be treasured, pursued and enjoyed.  I hope you’ll check out a service, an online program, a class we’re offering.
Church isn’t just a building: it’s a movement.  As the Community Church of Durham, we’re creating a movement of many generations, many voices and many gifted souls.  It’s a lot of fun, it’s a circle of wonder; and it’s a movement for the blessing of all life.
If you’ve got any questions, I’m always eager to talk!  Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome among us at the Community Church.
Dave Grishaw-Jones, Pastor