Capital Campaign for 2023 – 2028
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The Community Church of Durham sets sights on a daring goal of $1.3 million, 5-year “BE BOLDLY BOUNTIFUL!” Capital Campaign.

This next evolution in our church community is a story that is just beginning. This is our moment to invite the world into our Church Home by creating welcoming and accessible spaces. It is our moment to support the urgent need of immigrants seeking asylum from difficult circumstances.

We are a church community that believes our values must become action. And those actions must be seated in love, compassion and deep gratitude for the wellspring of care we receive from each other. It is easy to see how that connects to our immigration ministry. It may not be as easy to see how those ideas connect to caring for our building. Ask yourself “What if we didn’t have a building? What if we didn’t have a safe place to gather and share our questions, doubts and plans for a better world.”

We can write the next chapter in our story together. It is our moment to create a legacy for generations to come.

Our goals are to:

+Enhance the church’s structure
+Reduce energy expenses
+Increase safety
+Support immigration
+Enhance accessibility
What will $1.3 M support?
It is imperative that we all know what the Capital Campaign will fund in order for you to make a decision about your level of support. The Capital Campaign Booklet for the Community Church of Durham contains background on the capital campaign, the details on our planned projects, cost estimates for completing those projects, and methods for giving to the capital campaign. Below are individual links to take you to specific portions of the booklet.
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How You Can Give

When you submit your Letter of Commitment, you are stating the total amount you intend to contribute to the Capital Campaign. Once submitted, you can begin to make contributions to
the Campaign as frequently as you want. They can be made with a check, a roll-over from an IRA, electronic transfer to a credit card or from a bank account. If you prefer to do this electronically, you can make payments through this website or by using the QR code. 


How Do the Capital Campaign and the Annual Campaign Differ?


Unlike the Annual Stewardship Campaign which supports the church’s ongoing operational needs – mission, ministries, programs, staff, maintenance, etc. – a Capital Campaign typically happens in  churches every 20-25 years and provides resources to support major projects like building  renovation, major repairs and special programs. A Pledge to the Annual Campaign is for one year, often paid for on a weekly or monthly basis. Comparatively, a Commitment to the Capital Campaign is a contribution that occurs over a five-year period,– monthly, quarterly, annually or all at once – that is most comfortable to you.

Campaign Weekly Updates
Celebration Sunday is This Sunday!  | September 28, 2023


Celebration Sunday is This Sunday!

Sunday, October 1! What a thrilling ride it’s been! And how so many of our friends have worked thoughtfully and bravely to make this year’s Capital Campaign a success! Join us this Sunday, at 10 am and afterwards, for a Sunday of CELEBRATION, MUSIC and GRATITUDE! We’ll give thanks for every gift…we’ll lift our voices high and higher with great, and some original music…and we’ll look ahead to the many ways this campaign will enable wonderful ministry and world-changing mission in the years ahead. [Note that both services will be joined in one circle this week, at 10 am, with a grand celebration in Fellowship Hall to follow—Stu will join Catherine and Dave and the choir for this festive raising of hearts and cheer!
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