Christmas is a season of open hearts and anticipation.  Join our Beloved Community as we step into the promise and purpose of Christmas–and look together toward the New Year and spiritual renewal.  You’ll find a church of great spirit, deep commitment and powerful vision–and a space of grace for you, for your beloveds and for all God’s children!  We delight in the presence of New Life, and in the promise of God’s abiding love.
If you’re new to the Seacoast, or just curious about spiritual life, we hope you’ll find your way downtown this month and join us for worship, cider, or both!

Christmas Eve in Durham:
Worship & Communion
10 am + In the Sanctuary
The Fourth Sunday in Advent includes the lighting of the fourth Advent candle, a traditional Christmas poem written and offered by Dave Grishaw-Jones, and service of Holy Christmas Communion!
Meditation & Silence
12 pm + In the Chapel
At noon, you’re welcome to join Pastor Dave and others for a simple 30 minute circle of silent meditation and Christmas contemplation.  “Be still and know that I am God” says the psalm.  Let’s rejoice in the quiet delight of Christmas, the deep, deep stillness of God’s promise in our hearts.
A Pageant of Song & Story
5 pm + In the Sanctuary
Join a community of all generations for a joyful celebration of Christmas, as we gather in the Sanctuary for a Christmas Eve pageant and service. Led by children, inspired by good news and rebirth, we sing and rejoice, around the new life God breathes into all creation this Christmas!
A Christmas of Lessons & Carols
9 pm + In the Sanctuary
A community from all walks of life gathers to celebrate the story of God’s love, the coming of the Light, and the Christ whose gospel brings hope to the world.  Join us for Lessons & Carols!  We are an Open & Affirming Congregation — where all come for blessing and where every life is cherished.  This year’s celebration includes lots of singing–your many carol favorites–and a sharing of cider and hot buns!  Let’s rejoice in the Light that shines through the world, and upon our many lives.
Winter Sundays
sundays at 10 & 12
Through the year, we gather each Sunday to celebrate the love God imparts within and among us; to build strong bonds of friendship and service; and to continue in mission and peace-making together!
Every Sunday:
worship & community
We come together each and every Sunday, a Worship Celebration at 10, and Communion at the Table at 12.  Together, there’s spirit among us, a joyous blessing for one and all, and visitors bringing new energy and curiosity!
Christmas Concert:
sunday, 12/17 at 4 pm
Again this year, Joyce Andersen and Harvey Reid are back with a Christmas concert of traditional tunes, folk inspiration and carols from around the world!  Bring the family, and delight in the wonder of great music, great friends and holiday spirit.