Community Church of Durham is a United Church of Christ denomination. As a Congregational church we are solely supported by donations from our church congregation and income generated by student parking, Echo Thrift Store and building rentals. As a Congregational Church, we are governed and supported completely by our “congregation.”
One of the main additions to the 2022 budget is the hire of a Building Manager. The Building Manager position falls within the Institutional Services budget category. When crafting the 2022 budget the Stewards Ministry recognized the importance of dedicating funds to support a salary and benefits to a 12 hour a week building manager. We have gone without this position for 1 1/2 years and throughout the pandemic the absence of this position was acutely felt when the church structure faced significant stresses (the flood and the damage that resulted from it. the replacement of the roof in part of the building and deferred overall maintenance). This position is now critical to maintaining our 175-year-old building plus its various additions. The Building Manager provides a consistent set of eyes (and a set of hands) that care for the building by coordinating volunteers, interfacing with contractors, managing ongoing projects and familiarity with our various operating systems (fire alarm system, heating, etc.) We have already seen that with this position, currently held aptly and expertly by John Belcher, the building is now receiving much needed and organized attention.