Easter/Holy Week 2024
Holy Week marks the journey of Jesus and his community of changemakers…as they bring their project of peace to Jerusalem and invite the city to wholeness, justice and new communion.  
For the church, Holy Week suggests a shared experience of lovingkindness, prayer and discernment.  We celebrate God’s vision of inclusion and justice on PALM SUNDAY.  We recommit to hands-on service and partnership on MAUNDY THURSDAY.  And we bear witness to God’s passion, and Jesus’ suffering among us on GOOD FRIDAY.
And then, with a gathering of old and young, gay and straight, bashful and bold–we gather on EASTER SUNDAY to praise the God whose love rises to claim us and excite us and move us forward in faith and determination!
Maundy Thursday (March 28)
Potluck and Communion, 6 pm
Fellowship Hall
With Labyrinth
On Thursday evening, we gather to remember the last night of Jesus’ life–in an upper room–as he breaks bread with friends and washes their feet. Our service includes a simple potluck supper (instructions below) and concludes with the extinguishing of light and reflection in the darkening shadows (“temebrae”). We’re joined this year by our Chancel Choir, who will lead us in a couple of hymns.
Included are two ancient rituals evolved from this Holy Week story: Holy Communion and the Washing of Feet. The latter is obviously optional–some enjoy the opportunity to participate, others choose simply to bear witness in prayer and gratitude. Together, these sacramental experiences shape our understanding of Jesus’ last days–and the boundless, eternal mercy that we receive to this day. He serves, he kneels, he gives and he reveals.
Along the way, you’ll have an opportunity–if you wish–to walk our labyrinth, in prayerful meditation and intention. It’s another practice inviting reflection around the great themes and patterns of Lent, and the promise of Holy Week and Easter.
POTLUCK: Keep it simple…Don’t overthink it…We’re gathering for a simple supper, in the spirit of that “last” supper all those years ago. Free free to buy pita and hummus, or chips and guacamole, or veggies and sour cream, or a tray of grapes and cheese…You get the idea.
Good Friday (March 29)
72 Pease Boulevard in Newington (park across the street, east side)
Our message is simple:
Stop Making Assault Weapons!
Stop Selling Assault Weapons!
Stop Buying Assault Weapons!
In silent prayer and resolute faith, we gather on Good Friday to grieve violence in our streets and schools, and to pray for peace. On the sidewalk in front of Sig Sauer in Newington, we stand in loving witness to God’s passion for healing and community. We’re there because the company is a major weapon manufacturer and designs and sells guns like those used in Orlando, Uvalde, Buffalo and Moscow last week. Our vigil begins in silence and solidarity at 4, and concludes at 5 with Good Friday prayers. All are welcome to join us in the spirit of generous and committed nonviolence!
               IN THE SANCTUARY
“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?”
Our simple evening service offers space for quiet meditation and spoken lamentation. As we remember Jesus grief on the cross, we connect with our own sadness and our own longing for peace and healing. This hour includes silence in abundance, readings from the sacred story and an opportunity for those who choose to name the grief and despair in our hearts. In addition, grieving war and violence, we’ll listen in together to a sermon entitled “Christ in the Rubble”–given in the West Bank by the Rev. Munther Issac at the Christmas Lutheran Church of Bethlehem. All are welcome.
Easter Sunday (March 31)
10:00 am in the Sanctuary
12 noon in the Chapel
11:00 am between Services in the Hall
Join a multigenerational community of friends at one of our two Easter services, as we celebrate the Good News of Resurrection and New Life together.  As we delight in the Spirit’s many gifts, we’ll celebrate the baptisms of four teens–and welcome six new friends into the circle of joy and membership.
Christ is risen!  Risen indeed!  Alleluia!”  At 10 am, we’re blessed by the joyful leadership of our Chancel Choir, with David Ervin at the helm, and Catherine York wonderful as always on the organ!
At 12, we’re moved by the rhythm and creativity of Stu Dias, Jimmy Dority and their band at “The Table”–an experimental and energized circle of communion and reflection in the round!