Online Newsletters
We send out varied newsletters, with invitations to church activities, news about our life together, and exciting opportunities for service.  Be in touch with us to sign up for these, so that they’re delivered to your email box directly!
“Love and Justice News”
comes out every other Tuesday–featuring news and reflection around our many service projects and social justice initiatives.  If you see something that interests you, you’re encouraged to follow up with a phone call or email.  Your energies are important to us–and we need!
“This Week at CCD”
comes out each and every Thursday–featuring all kinds of church news, with links to online services and classes and much more.  Again, be in touch if you see something interesting!  That’s the whole  point…the circle is expanding all the time.
“Fundraising News”
comes out occasionally and offers opportunities for fun, fundraising and connection.  Through the holidays, we’re anticipating new initiatives, filling the gaps where some of the old favorites used to be!