Action Alerts
Keep watch.  Stay alert.  Bear witness.  Speak out.
Justice for Palestine-Israel:
Our United Church of Christ is an active partner in efforts to bring peace with justice to the peoples of Palestine and Israel.  You can find out more, join the movement, and access all kinds of films and resources here.
No First Use of Nuclear Weapons:
With the possibility of a direct war between 2 nuclear armed states looming, it is more imperative than ever, that the U.S. adopt a “no first use” policy…meaning that it will be official policy NOT to launch a nuclear strike unless attacked first.  Let’s build pressure on our elected representatives to support a “no first use” policy. Sens. Warren, Feinstein, Laheh and others have submitted S. 1219.
Rep. Pappas (603-935-6710)
Rep. Kuster (603-595-2006)
Sen. Shaheen (603-647-7500)
Sen. Hassan (603-622-2204)
Protect Immigrants in NH: 
Tell Congress and the President to end Title 42 and restore the right to claim asylum in our midst! Instead, resources should be allocated to welcoming migrating people with dignity and addressing their basic needs. U.S. policies should protect the health, safety, and human rights of all who seek refuge.
Divest from the War Machine:
We need to transfer our priorities from hyper-militarism toward serving and healing our people at home, and encouraging peace and justice around the world.  We can reduce global conflicts by asking individual investors and financial institutions to stop investing in companies that provide from U.S. military interventions, the global arms trade, and the militarization of our streets.
UCC Justice & Peace Network:
Our United Church of Christ has a lively and engaged “Justice & Peace Network” offering a wide range of opportunities for advocacy and online action.  Check out that regularly updated list of activities below–and sign up there for weekly updates from the UCC!
End Gender-Based Violence:
First passed in 1994, VAWA was enacted to ensure protection against domestic and sexual fiolence, and abuse.  Call on the Senate to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine:
The United Church of Christ is appealing for support for refugees and for elderly and other vulnerable people who are displaced within Ukraine and unable to leave.  As a member of the ACT Alliance, UCC support is being targeted to people most in need through humanitarian relief partners with a history of working in the region.
Equity and Education in NH:

The NH Council of Churches is calling us us to be active disruptors of white supremacy, active participants in the work of anti-racism, and ready to come alongside our teachers, school boards, and local governments.

To that end, we are asking individuals and congregations across NH to take a faithful pledge for equity and education.