Action Alerts
Keep watch.  Stay alert.  Bear witness.  Speak out.
Justice for Palestine-Israel:

We are asking you to call Representatives Anne McLane Kuster and Chris Pappas today and tomorrow to ask them to cosponsor H.R. 3103, the Palestinian Children and Families Act.

We know that it only takes six calls to make it to the daily briefings for most members of congress, so your call makes a big difference!

H.R. 3013 has three areas of focus: 1) detention of children; (2) the seizure or destruction of Palestinian property, including the forced transfer of Palestinians from their homes; and (3) further annexation of Palestinian land.  And the bill makes U.S. aid to Israel contingent upon compliance with U.S. and international law around human rights and the treatment of children.
No First Use of Nuclear Weapons:
With the possibility of a direct war between 2 nuclear armed states looming, it is more imperative than ever that the U.S. adpt a “no first use” policy…meanning that it will be official policty NOT to launch a nuclear strike unless attacked first.
Let’s build pressure on our elected representatives to support a “no first use” policy. Sens. Warren, Feinstein, Laheh and others have submitted S. 1219.
Rep. Pappas (603-935-6710)
Rep. Kuster (603-595-2006)
Sen. Shaheen (603-647-7500)
Sen. Hassan (603-622-2204)
Pathway to Citzenship: 
Immgraints need the permanency and stability of a pathway to citizenship. 
The public widely supports this solution, and it’s time for Congress to follow through.  There is only one path forward now and it depends of Congressional courage and the President’s leadership.  Join us in calling on Congress to swiftly pass a pathway to citizenship for immigrant youth in the aftermath of the 5th Circuit’s ruling last October.
Stop Assault Weapons Sales:
2023 has again been a year of mass violence in the U.S., with more and more weapons in the hands of more and more people.  These don’t make us safer–but more fearful, less secure and justifiably angry.
Weapons of war don’t belong in civilianj hands.  We need federal action to restrict the sale of assault weapons (like those used in Nashville, Newtown, Orlando and Pittsburg)–and to keep our communities safe.  Urge Congress to act quickly to pass the Assault Weapons Ban of 2023.
UCC Justice & Peace Network:
Our United Church of Christ has a lively and engaged “Justice & Peace Network” offering a wide range of opportunities for advocacy and online action.  Check out that regularly updated list of activities below–and sign up there for weekly updates from the UCC!
End Gender-Based Violence:
First passed in 1994, VAWA was enacted to ensure protection against domestic and sexual fiolence, and abuse.  Call on the Senate to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.
Humanitarian Aid for Earthquake Survivors:
The United Church of Christ is offering prayers for the region encompassing Turkey and Syria as the death toll continues to clilmb following one of the strongest earthquakes in 100 years.
Responders who have worked hard in the cold weather continue to rescue victims from the ruins as the odds of survival begin to wane over a week since the Feb. 6 quake. Many survivors are struggling to find enough food, water and basic amenities.
UCC Global Hope has launched the Turkey & Syria Emergency Appeal to direct financial support to partners responding in the areas of greatest need for relief and long-term recovery.
Equity and Education in NH:

The NH Council of Churches is calling us us to be active disruptors of white supremacy, active participants in the work of anti-racism, and ready to come alongside our teachers, school boards, and local governments.

To that end, we are asking individuals and congregations across NH to take a faithful pledge for equity and education.