2021 Stewardship Drive
Generosity: Where our Treasure Is
“Rooted in Love” is the theme for this fall’s Stewardship Drive — which invites (even urges) friends and members to make a commitment for the church year that begins in January 2022.  In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus makes it plain: To believe is to commit.  And to commit is to commit resources, and generously.  “Where your treasure is,” he says,  “there will your heart also be.”  To pray “thy kingdom come” is to prioritize that kingdom, to invest in it, and to build it together — one year at a time, one week at a time, one tithe at a time.  What we do in the year’s Stewardship Drive is so much more that numbers on cards.  We stand together, around a shared faith and a common vision; and we practice generosity in service to that vision. 
Many thanks, with deep gratitude to God!
Natalie Crotty and Maggie Morrison,
Stewardship Drive Chairs, 2021
In Collaboration with Dave Grishaw-Jones,
Senior Minister, Community Church of Durham

As a community we believe different things, but we share an understanding that there is “Something More” that gives life meaning beyond our individual lives and experiences.  Our church communities uniquely ask us to continue to challenge ourselves and align our behavior with our values and beliefs. Through our church community we are part of a collective body that has the power, through our prayers, actions and advocacy, to move us towards justice, service and mercy more lovingly and a little quicker.